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Shahid is an excellent instructor. He explains his instructions in detail making sure that you understand it perfect. He shows diagrams which help alot. I had recommended shahid to some of my mates and they all passed first time. Shahid is one of the best instructors i have met. I hope this driving school is a success and hope it goes well for him. Best of luck.


Without a doubt the best driving instructor ive had. One who fixed my confidence behind the wheel.


I would like to say I started off taking lessons with AA which was very expensive and useless because when I went for my practical test first time I failed and my instructor wasn't with me someone from his company had to take me to the test centre. After my test I joined Red Amber Pass and Shahid was my instructor I was comfortable with him and he was able to teach me manoeuvres. I was comfortable with that I'd never come across before, I took 12 lessons with Shahid and went for my practical test and passed with no problem. I must say Shahid is a great instructor and understands individual ways of teaching a pupil to meet their needs. I recommend Shahid as an instructor because you will not only pass with him but learn to drive. I recommended Shahid to my brother and he passed with Shahid as an instructor. At this moment I would recommend everyone to contact Shahid and learn to drive.


I went to shahid as i had an instructor before him who wasnt very good. I did over 20 hours with my previous instructor, but i was still a poor driver. When i went to shahid, in just 12 hours of learning, i had become really confident behind the wheel and i passed first time. i could really see the difference in quality of learning between shahid and my previous instructor.


I started learning to drive many years ago, and could never master it, I was always so nervous and dreaded it, but desperately wanted to drive. I had many different driving instructors over the years It's impossible to cant count them. When I started to learn with Shahid I was very nervous, but after a few lesson I soon started to build my confident and feel at ease, he is very percise in his teaching, and never gives up on you, he will always go over anything you don't understand until he is happy you have mastered it, he has a very relaxing manner. This is the first time in my life that I can truly drive a car, I am so happy and confident that I will pass my driving test very soon. My mother is disabled, and being able to drive will help me a great deal to attend to her needs, I would be able to look in on her more often. I would definitely recommend anyone to learn with Shahid. Pauline, Ilford, Essex


As everyone knows that to pass driving exam in UK is most difficult thing specially in strict new driving rules which amend all the time e.g. in current situation like independent driving, road marking etc.. . To get quick pass we need good instructor who can give us proper guidance which is Mr. Shahid (Redamberpass class). I pass my driving exam in second time because of his proper guidance and teaching teaching skill. I really impressed with Mr. Sahid and i advice all of you to contact Mr. Sahid which will give you good guidance in order to pass as quickly as possible. To get pass quickly in driving exam contact Mr. Shahid (Redamberpass)who can make possible for you


Shahid is one of the good driving instructors I have ever seen. I learnt from him in middle of 2010 and passed with ZERO errors. He cares all his pupils and teaches them with patience. Always good to learn driving from a experienced instructor. What else I can say about Shahid, even my wife is learning driving from him.


HI, my name is MRS BEENISH NAVEED, i was student of MR SHAHID. I found him very nice, decent and great instructor for leaners. He keep trying make understand in very detail about driving till student understands and become satisfied. I now recommend MR SHAHID to my all family and friend for driving lessons.


I use to think that I wud nevr be able to learn to drive all my life ,,, I was scared nd not confident enough unlike mostly instructors shahid dint rush me into anything complicated ,, he first built up my confidence came down to my level to teach me things according to my callabore nd now mashallah am capable enough to drive confidently , shahid is a great teacher and I wish him all the best.